The Best Short Courses In America

The Might Be Small In Stature, But They Leave A Big Impression

An old adage in golf is that you never want to leave yourself “short,’’ whether it’s on an approach shot or a putt. But “short’’ is proving to be a positive these day when it comes to creating golf courses that are alternatives to traditional 18-hole layouts. These short courses – and par 3 courses – give the lie to the belief that golf takes too long to play and are opportunities for everyone from scratch players to entire families to enjoy the game.

Here’s a look at some of the top short and par 3 courses in the U.S.

McVeighs Gauntlet At Silvies Valley Ranch

McVeighs Gauntlet At Silvies Valley Ranch

Seneca, Oregon: Located on a working 140,000-acre cattle and goat ranch, McVeigh’s Gauntlet is a terrific seven-hole course (par 23) that features a series of undulating par 3s and par 4s. Goat caddies can carry up to six clubs, a dozen golf balls, tees and six cans of refreshments. Silvies Valley Ranch’s Chief Egan course, named for the last War Chief of the Paiute Tribe who engaged the U.S. Calvary (in 1882), is a par-3, nine-hole layout, with water on every hole. “The fun thing about those short courses is that they introduce people to the game," said Colby Marshall, general manager of Silvies Valley Ranch. “Luxury travelers come here because they want a high-end property. They might not be golfers, but going out and playing a short course introduces them to the game in a way they otherwise might have been."

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