The Best Short Courses In America

The Might Be Small In Stature, But They Leave A Big Impression

An old adage in golf is that you never want to leave yourself “short,’’ whether it’s on an approach shot or a putt. But “short’’ is proving to be a positive these day when it comes to creating golf courses that are alternatives to traditional 18-hole layouts. These short courses – and par 3 courses – give the lie to the belief that golf takes too long to play and are opportunities for everyone from scratch players to entire families to enjoy the game.

Here’s a look at some of the top short and par 3 courses in the U.S.

Mountain Top At Big Cedar Lodge

Mountain Top At Big Cedar Lodge

Branson, Missouri: Gary Player designed this 13-hole short course that winds through stunning limestone rock formations (some as old as 300 million years) and includes dramatic views of the Ozarks. The last four holes are as challenging as par 3s get — and those that come before aren’t slackers, either.

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