Golf, Food And Fun In Punta Mita Paradise

Not five minutes had passed since the shuttle dropped us off at the Puerto Vallarta airport after three and half days in Punta Mita paradise when my wife uttered the words I knew I’d hear eventually. “When are we coming back?” And she’s not even a golfer. I am, of course, and I second her Read more…

Find Your Magic Distance

Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor Tom Stickney of Punta Mita Golf Resort in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, talks about leaving yourself a comfortable distance to the green after laying up or recovering from trouble — the kind of shot that helps you relax and pull the trigger with confidence. Thanks to Punta Mita Resort for sharing Read more…

Fake Turn vs. Full Turn

Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor Tom Stickney of Punta Mita Golf Resort in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, shows how some amateurs “fake” a full turn when they lose flexibility, and how to remedy that power-killing move. Thanks to Punta Mita Resort for sharing this video.

Find Your Low Point In The Bunker

Having trouble getting out of greenside bunkers? It should be one of the easiest shots in golf, not the toughest, because in most cases you don’t even have to strike the ball. In this video lesson from Tom Stickney, Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor and director of instruction at Punta Mita Resort in Mexico, shows Read more…

The Top 5 Golf Death Moves

As we all know, golf is very hard, and for some it is even harder. It seems that golfers are an independent lot and tend to pick up the game, play and practice, with little regard to using the proper fundamentals at first. It’s only when they have “learned how to hit the ball” do Read more…

Your Golf Short Game Cheat Sheet

Learning all the golf shots can be confusing even for the most analytical individual, especially when it comes to the nuances of the all-important inside-50-yards game. This Short Game Cheat Sheet  deals with simple ways to understand the very complex parts of the game and even gives you a reason to bookmark it on your Read more…

Beat The Fried Egg

When you desire a softer type of explosion shot out of the bunker from this normally hot lie, you need to employ an open clubface and relaxed hands. Make your angle of attack steeper by leaning your weight toward your front foot. This weight shift also accentuates the digging action of the clubhead, making soft hands and an open clubface that much more critical. Otherwise, the golf ball will come out with more velocity than desired.

The New Rules

Trackman data has helped instructors like me see the golf swing in a whole new light, especially as it relates to the part of the swing that’s hardest to see: impact.

Quick Draw

Wouldn’t it be great if every golf hole was exactly the same?