Quick Draw

Wouldn’t it be great if every golf hole was exactly the same?

Drop 10 Strokes In 10 Minutes

It’s a new year. It’s a new you. It’s time to kick those bad swing habits and make 2011 the year you play your best golf ever.

Spot-on Putting

Tom Stickney, PGA explains a quick and simple routine to warm up your short game before your next round.

Left Hand Controls

Tom Stickney, PGA explains how the left hand ought to control the face of the putter.

Put Your Swing Together

Nobody has the perfect golf swing all the time. Even the greatest golfers in the world have little ticks and flaws that occasionally creep into their swings.

Simple Shotmaking

I was hitting balls one day with my friend and fellow teaching professional, Ron Gring, when he described a way of looking at all the key shots in golf as the nine panes of glass. This obviously refers to the image you see above, with a fade, straight shot and draw at low, medium and high trajectories fitting into the nine slots._Ê