Swoosh The Shaft – 9/3/07

Swoosh The ShaftMost of us are visual learners; that is, we retain what we see. Remember the last movie you watched? I bet you recall more of its images than the dialogue. I certainly do.

When it comes to teaching golf, visual imagery is a must for me, but I’ve also come to rely on the importance of auditory feedback as well.

In this photo, I’m demonstrating a tip designed specifically to give the user aural feedback so he can perfectly time the release of his shots. Follow these three steps, and you’ll release the club perfectly every time.

1. Select your driver or other wood.
2. Turn it upside down so you’re holding its hosel. This lightens the club and makes it whippy.
3. Make a normal swing and concentrate on making a swoosh sound close to the impact zone.

If the swoosh sound happens either before or after the intended impact zone, you’re releasing the club too soon or too late. When that happens, I guarantee you the clubface will never be square.

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