Close Your Eyes 10/22/07

Eyes Wide Shut
As I mentioned earlier, there’s a great amount of imagination and feel to putting. That’s why I’m making a stroke with my eyes closed. After all, when I take one of my senses away, I have to rely on the others to compensate. Here I’m relying on feel. Although I don’t recommend doing this mid-round, putting with your eyes shut (or with a blindfold) is a great practice routine. After looking at the hole and visually
absorbing the distance, simply close your eyes and let it roll. Not only will you have a target image in your mind, but you won’t worry whether you make the putt or not! If you want to really challenge yourself, take this drill and apply it to all aspects of your game.

Look at the hole and visually absorb your putt’s length. then simply close your eyes and let it roll.

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