Reach Your Golf Milestones 2020, Part 2

Spring Into Action And Get Ahead Of The Game



Are You Using Your Practice Time Wisely?

You’re highly skilled but limited by time to play and practice as often as you can. Your skills tend to repeat in a positive way each time you play. But you consistently need to knock off two to three strokes each round to have a great chance to break 70 more of-ten. Do you know what those strokes are?

Knowing which shots you’re missing to consistently break the 70 milestone is harder to do, because those shots probably are more detailed in specific situations. Each round provides you a new opportunity to explore your creativity, which might not be as strong as it could be due to the limited time you have to practice. Therefore, efficiently managing your practice time to inspire the creative side of your game can play a critical role when it counts to break 70 more often:

  • If your statistics state you are losing strokes with a particular part of your game, working on that part of your game 60% of your practice time, while utilizing the other 40% to maintain your strengths, will gradually create more strengths in your game while not sacrificing those that already exist.
  • Shots that require creativity demand more time to make a great decision. Instead of playing a round, head to the course and drop a few balls in the situations you faced in the past. Spend some time going over the decision you previously made – and some time thinking about other ways you could have played that shot better.
  • After determining a couple options for the same shot, why not try a few? This is one way to fill your mind with confidence that a more creative shot is not out of your skill set.

John Hughes is a PGA Master Professional, 2009 Northern Florida PGA Teacher of the Year and founder of John Hughes Golf in Orlando, Florida. Reach him at www.john



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