Reach Your Golf Milestones 2020, Part 2

Spring Into Action And Get Ahead Of The Game



Accuracy is Your Best Policy

Breaking the 80 milestone requires you to count more than strokes. It requires you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your game from a statistical point of view. You’re probably hitting shots plenty long right now, with more distance to gain. But if you’re not accurate with those shots, how can you reduce your score?

  • Learn to hit more greens when you’re in the middle of the fairway. This is your best opportunity to hit more greens in regulation, providing your-self more opportunities to make more birdies. Take dead aim at middle-of-the-green pin placements and to pin locations easily accessible using your current and most natural ball flight. When you aim small, you miss small.
  • Learn to hit more greens from almost anywhere. Are you practicing at the range out of rough and bare conditions, hitting shots to more exacting targets? Practicing these shots provides a bit of comfort on the course when faced with a similar situation.
  • Use practice games at the range to simulate the same pressure situations you place yourself in on the course. For instance, hitting more greens in regulation on the course requires you to deal with the pressure of doing so. Practicing this way best prepares you for the real thing.

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