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smarter golf pin high
Photo 1: Playing “pin high” might not put you exactly even with the pin, but you’ll end up within easy two-putt distance in most cases, either just short or just long of the hole. Photo 2: Choose the club that will allow you two swing comfortably and within yourself, which usually means taking one extra stick. Avoid going for the “career” shot.


Play Pin High Approach Shots

There is a direct correlation between you hitting an approach shot that reaches the flag or past, versus ending up short, and your score. For the average golfer, if you end up short of the flag by more than 20 feet, your chances of making par or better drop to only five percent.

Whether you’re short, long, left or right of the green, hitting an approach shot that covers the total distance you need to carry the shot is essential to your success. The one common mistake most golfers make is trying to hit the “career” shot when it comes to yardage. This is the distance you hit perhaps once ever with any given club, versus the “average” length yardage you tend to hit a club. It’s amusing to witness on the course and very easy to correct, once you understand Career Shots only happen once.

Hitting “pin high” approach shots is easy to accomplish. Choose the right club, the club that hits an average carry distance. Don’t max out any club in your bag. Instead of making an overly aggressive swing with any club, opt for one more club and make a normal swing. You’ll probably find yourself pin high or just past the hole more often.

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