4 Ways To Score With A Hybrid

Learn These Key Shots To Shoot Lower Scores

By now, you’ve probably realized that hybrid clubs are a lot easier to hit than traditionally shaped long irons. The ball flies higher and lands softer with a hybrid, making them ideal for shots deep in the fairway that require a soft landing on the green. But what you may not know is hybrid clubs are also designed to perform well from a variety of other locations on the golf course. From the rough, the fringe, even the bunker—the hybrid can be an effective tool for saving your score.

Back To Basics

Step 1: Observe. As you approach your shot, take in the entire environment, including your lie, yardage, wind, hazards and your intended target. There’s a lot of info to process, but with a little practice, it’s easy to do.

Use Your Head

Learn to improve your scores without changing your swing

What’s your goal in the game of golf?_Ê If it’s primarily to enjoy the outdoors or spend time with friends and family on the links, then you probably don’t need a lot of instruction. For most of us who love the game, however, the challenge of playing well and competing is a major part of why we’re hooked.

Myth Busters

Many popular swing tips and equipment theories are just plain wrong

If you practice your backswing at a gas pump while talking on your cell

phone, the station will explode. It’s myths like this—though hardly as

ludicrous—that can send golfers who need the right answers into a

tailspin. The trouble with myths is that most sound reasonable, and

usually are passed from one golfer to the next with only good

intentions. Nevertheless, the common tip shared across grill room

tables and on tee boxes nationwide tends to do more harm than good if

only because the true reasoning behind the suggestion is misunderstood.

Let’s clear the air, shall we?

Five Strategies For Lower Scores

Change your game without changing your swing

There’s little doubt that proper swing fundamentals and short-game techniques are important parts of a consistent golf game. Good golf, however, isn’t purely about perfect mechanics; it’s also largely about strategy. Fortunately, there are several key strategies anyone can easily utilize to produce lower scores. Better yet, using your smarts is a lot easier than trying to create a fundamentally perfect backswing or impact position. In this regard, the title of this story holds true–you can score better without changing your swing.

Pull The Trigger

Great swings begin with great starts

Many of my new students ask me about how to correctly initiate the golf swing. They want to know what trigger will allow them to start their motions smoothly and on the correct path. This common question comes from those who suffer from a condition that plagues everyone, from novices to touring professionals. I like to call it paralysis by analysis.

Golf Cart Rhythm

Summer is rapidly closing in, meaning you probably have a golf vacation or two lined up. While the unfamiliarity of a new course may be your primary concern, you should consider the ill effects of another resort golf experience: the mandatory use of carts.

Rethink Your Game

How do you really lower your scores? A change of approach can lead to a favorable change in score

Many of you scour the pages of this magazine looking for the magic answer to this question. If that’s your motivation, then this article is for you. On the following pages, I’ll show you how to drop strokes from your game by simply changing your approach on the tee box and on the putting green. After all, if you can get down the fairway regularly and hole the putts you’re supposed to make–and some of the ones you shouldn’t–you’ll be well on your way to playing your best rounds ever.