Mark Your Golf Milestones Part 4

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

golf milestones 4 break 70BREAKING 70

Time to Plan Improvement and Maintain for the Future

Winter is a great time to reflect on the season that was and plan for the season ahead. What are the deeper statistics saying about your game? What swing and skill improvements do you want to ingrain? What tournament is most important to you?

These, and what bucket list courses are on the radar, are a few questions you should ask yourself. The answers will provide you the information you need to maintain your skills throughout the winter while properly planning the lowest-hanging fruit of skill improvement needed to break 70 more often next season.

Start with maintaining your strengths. Budget appropriate time to practice the skills that build your confidence. Make use of great indoor facilities with access to top-of-the-line swing analysis equipment, such as FlightScope, as I’m doing in the accompanying photos.

Then look at how you could improve your skills. Whether a big swing change or a little set up variance, using this time to ensure consistency of breaking this barrier gives you a leg up on your competition. And it gives you a confident head start to breaking 70 more often come spring.

John Hughes is a PGA Master Professional, 2009 Northern Florida PGA Teacher of the Year and founder of John Hughes Golf in Orlando, Florida. Reach him at

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