Mark Your Golf Milestones Part 4

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

golf milestones 4 break 80BREAKING 80

Take Command of Your Shot Making

By now, you are seeing a somewhat consistent ball flight to all your shots. Whether a simple draw or a butter cut, you’re confident you can hit this shot at any time. But the opposite ball flight provides you uncomfortable feelings. Why? Because you’ve probably not practiced these shots before.

Winter is a perfect time to start learning how to take command of your shot making, as well as a time to learn how to hit shots not already in your arsenal of shots.

Being able to shape a shot dictated by the circumstances you face is the mark of not only a good ball striker, but a characteristic of most of the great players. You don’t have to force your swing to shape a shot. Most of the time, simple variations to what is now a very standardized set-up to all shots is all it takes to change the shape your shot travels. Start experimenting during practice sessions with different shot shapes. And while on the course, occasionally throw a second ball down and challenge yourself to hit a shot shape that’s not your norm by slightly varying one or two set-up positions only, when the condition you’re facing warrants the shot shape.

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