Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 3

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

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Moving Back a Tee Box?

Fall is not the time to decide to move back a tee box, especially if you’re at or near the border of breaking 90. This can only make the milestone farther away. Cooler temperatures inhibit how far a ball travels with all clubs. Combine that with the occasional errant shot from the tee, and you’re pushing your skill limits beyond your capability.

You can move back a tee box for next season. My suggestion: continue to use the tee box you have all season and follow the recently published USGA Suggested Yardage Table. The table will guide you to the proper length of golf course to play based on your average score. Using the table, you might find you’ve been playing a course that is too long, all season long. If that’s the case, move up a box and give yourself a chance to break the 90 milestone before the weather beats you to it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities next season to add difficulty to your game.

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