Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 3

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

We’re getting close to the fall and cooler temps are the norm. It’s time you start ramping up your efforts to reach or surpass your Golf Milestones before the season catches up with you.

golf milestones 3 break 100


Chip Shots are Your Savior

If you haven’t learned by now, it’s time you do. Chances are no matter how bad the lie or condition you’re in during a round, you’ve probably used a chip shot or a variation of a chip shot to escape the trouble and limit the damage you’re in. If you’ve been effective, a couple big numbers may have fallen off your score card.

Chip shots are just not for around the green. They can be used anywhere, with any club, to minimize the trouble you’re in and significantly reduce the chances of making a bigger number trying to create a “hero” shot you’re not capable of producing yet. Whether in a leafy area of trees, to just off the green, to being in a bunker too far away from the green, understanding how to choose a club and set up as if you are going to chip or “bump and run” the shot to escape your trouble is a great way to eliminate the bitterness of the medicine you must take to reduce your scores.

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