Learn Those Sexy Golf Shots

How To Pull Them Off Like A Tour Pro
sexy golf shots knockdown
1. Ball back in stance. 2. Three-quarter swing. 3. Hands forward at impact. 4. Abbreviated finish

The Knockdown Shot

If you’ve ever played links golf or want to cheat a headwind no matter where you are, this is the shot for you — it’ll keep the ball low and easy to control. It’s great fun to pull off.

  • Put the ball slightly back in your stance
  • Make sure your spine is centered over the ball with weight and hands forward
  • Take one extra club (i.e., an 8-iron instead of a 9-iron) and choke down slightly for control
  • Take a three-quarter swing and lean the club shaft forward through impact to keep flight down
  • Abbreviate your finish

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