Five Strategies For Lower Scores

Change your game without changing your swing

3. Monitor Your Tempo And Rhythm

Inconsistent performance on the course often can be related to inconsistent tempo and rhythm. Tempo is the total amount of time it takes to create your golf swing from beginning to end. Even though the swing is longer with the driver, it should take the same time to execute as a swing with a sand wedge.

Rhythm describes how you split the total time between the backswing and forwardswing. If you treat the golf swing like a pendulum and divide it into equal beats, the backswing would take two beats and the combined downswing and forwardswing would take two beats. Like tempo, golf swing rhythm should be the same for every club and every type of swing.

The key to developing consistent tempo and rhythm is to understand that the forwardswing should be a gradual acceleration from the top. If you employ proper tempo and rhythm, maximum clubhead speed will naturally occur at the point of contact without putting in any extra effort. To internalize the feeling of optimal tempo and rhythm, hit five 7-irons with your optimum tempo and rhythm, and then hit five drivers trying to duplicate the same tempo and rhythm. Make sure that the start of your forwardswing is the same with both clubs. Trust the increase in shaft length to produce an increase in speed—and distance.

8 thoughts on “Five Strategies For Lower Scores

  1. Tip 5 I constantly remind myself by saying, “No sexy golf” —- in other words, do what is logical, not what seems sexy and daring. 350 yard par 4: 6 iron (170) 6 iron (170) — now you’re on the fringe safely in two. Chip or putt close for par and you never touched a wood. No Sexy Golf…. Safe and easy wins the low round

  2. Yeah great article, it reminds me that I have to take my medicine and play some sensible golf. I’ve been guilty of taking risky shots and ending up with double or triple bogeys as a result. If you want to break 80 then you need to be more accurate with how you manage your shots, e.g par 5 500 meters tee shot 200m then hit two 4 iron then pitching wedge. Something like that!

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  3. Another tip is not to play for the gallery, i.e., it is you and your game. Must try to play your own game and not to get a clap or comment like “wow good ball” “wow what a long shot” from the rest of the flight members playing with you.
    Every time you hit the ball thinking about such comments you tend to loose your rhythm or stiffen your body or loose your thoughts of everything you did in your pre-shot routine.

  4. That’s true that I don’t want to get so focused on my swing, that I am not really into the game. Next time I play a round, I’ll have to keep that in mind and work on my swing later. It would probably be a good idea to pay more attention to my tempo and rhythm as well. I want to get as good as possible while having fun.

  5. Awesome tips, thanks for sharing. I am a golf junkie. I started playing seriously around the age of 20 and have not been able to get enough since. I am always looking for ways to shave a few strokes off my game. I also love how technology has become such an integral part of the game. I love using new gadgets to my advantage, and have been writing about the latest golf watches at – I enjoy writing about golf so I figured hey why not! Well thanks again for sharing these great tips! All the best!

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