44 Ways To Play Better Golf

Easy Keys For Making The Most Of Every Round

Are you one of those golfers who absolutely pures it on the practice range with every club in the bag, but eventually goes into the tank during the course of play? It’s an unfortunate scenario experienced by a vast majority of golfers, most often caused by too little time dedicated to practice or too long a time period between rounds. For most golfers, the onset of trouble starts on the very first tee, where high anxiety invariably sends the tee shot deep into the woods.

Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 3

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

We’re getting close to the fall and cooler temps are the norm. It’s time you start ramping up your efforts to reach or surpass your Golf Milestones before the season catches up with you. BREAKING 100 Chip Shots are Your Savior If you haven’t learned by now, it’s time you do. Chances are no matter Read more…

Success From Range To Golf Course

range to golf course

As coaches, all too often we engage in the following conversation when a player’s skills seem to get lost from range to golf course: Coach: “How did you play?” Player: “Rubbish, but I don’t get it, I hit it so well on the range.” The question: “Why didn’t my range game transfer over to the Read more…

Play Smarter Golf Right Now

Use The Skills You Already Have To Improve

No time to practice? No clubs allowed in your office? A lot of items on the “honey do” list? No worries! You can play better, or should I say “smarter golf,” with the skills you currently possess, and lower your scores. Most golfers put very little “thought” into their games, for good reason. You do Read more…

Learn Those Sexy Golf Shots

How To Pull Them Off Like A Tour Pro

Whenever average players watch a good player play golf, they are amazed at the number of “sexy golf shots” the low handicapper, and especially the Tour pro, has the ability to play versus their own game. In fact, the better the player, the more such shots they know how to play. So why not you? Read more…

How To Play A Tricky Par 5

Consider Ditching The Driver And Laying Up

In my years as a head pro in the beautiful Sierra Nevada of Northern California, I’ve come to love mountain golf and the unique challenges it brings, including the occasional tricky par 5 that hugs the hills. Not only is the golfer dealing with sometimes extreme elevation changes, high-altitude air and distracting vistas, but there’s Read more…

How To Smooth Out Rough Golf Lies

A Few Small Adjustments Will Get You Back On Short Grass
rough golf lies photo 1

The first objective off the tee is hitting the fairway, but even the pros miss their share of short grass. It’s then that their expertise at “reading” the resulting rough golf lies kicks in, and they find a way to a better spot … or, hopefully, the green. You can be an expert, too. Properly Read more…

How To Play Big Downhill Golf Shots

big downhill golf shots featured

On the 488-yard 6th hole at Journey at Pechanga, players are faced with a dramatic 300-foot elevation drop from the tee box to the green, and about 210 feet to the fairway. After catching your breath from the view and ride up to the tee, here’s how to handle these big downhill golf shots. ONE Read more…

10 Ways To Play PGA Tour Style

Follow These Rules To Raise Your Game

I’m no golf pro. I don’t even play one on TV. But I do watch PGA Tour stars on that 55-incher sitting in my living room, and what they do every week still amazes me after nearly five decades of paying attention. The shots they pull off. The pars they save. The powers of concentration Read more…

Uneven Lies And How To Beat Them

Level The Playing Field With These Adjustments

A large percentage of shots during a round of golf will not be from a perfect, level lie like you practice on the range.  Understanding what may or may not happen from these uneven lies and making the necessary set-up adjustments are extremely important to executing the shot and minimizing the BIG mistakes. When executing Read more…