10 Best Tips

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10 Best Tips



10 best tips

If you don’t know the right way to hit a high-lofted fairway wood or hybrid, look no further than your 6-iron. That’s right, your 6-iron. High-lofted woods and hybrids actually are designed to strike the ball with a descending blow, not a sweeping or ascending one that you need with a driver or fairway wood.

Mentally, this is a tough obstacle to get past, but with this simple drill, you’ll ingrain not only the proper visual, but also the right feel for hitting down on the ball with a club that’s not an iron. First, set up a shot as you normally would, with the ball slightly forward of center. Back off the shot, and position a second ball, this time on a tee about a foot or two behind the ball as I’ve done here. Then, without hitting the golf ball behind the ball on the ground, make a few practice swings and then go ahead and hit a few shots.

This drill steepens your swing so you can more effectively hit down and into the turf after contact with the golf ball. In no time, you’ll see better results!

10 best tips

8 thoughts on “10 Best Tips

  1. Yeah, never mind that for 90% of amateurs hitting it decently off the tee is what they strive for.
    Most asinine golf tip yet. Next you’ll be giving advice on how to hit a golf ball that’s resting on a branch in some shrubbery. Oh wait! That’s been done, thanx to dave pelz.

  2. This web site is actually pretty well written and illustrated considering no videos immediately pop up. But our golfers world is filled with tips is it not? You would think that the people at Golf Tips Magazine would have written in a bunch of fake “”this is great”” stuff but they have seemingly left well enough alone. But then again this note could be fake. Just another swing thought to think about at the top of your backswing.

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