10 Best Tips

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10 Best Tips


Becoming a good wedge player means you have to hit consistent shots. Many amateurs struggle with hitting consistent shots from within 125 yards. Sometimes the ball spins; sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it flies straight; other times not so much. Trajectory control becomes tricky too, with some shots flying high and others flying low. Whew, with that many variables, what’s one to do?

10 best tips
Optically, it takes some getting used to, but if you close the clubface (relative to the target) and swing from inside the target line to outside the target line, you’re most definitely going to hit a draw.

A great way to dial in some consistency with your wedge shots is to learn a shot that I personally love to hit. It’s a medium-height draw that, upon landing, trickles forward onto the green and rolls out about 10 feet. It’s not a high-spinning shot that trickles back toward the pin, nor does it stop dead on the green—although neither of those two types of shots are easy to predict. A draw however is easy to duplicate, and with some practice, you’ll quickly learn how the ball reacts on the green and soon start using this shot to your advantage.

How you hit this draw is simple. Address the ball as you normally would, with a comfortable ball position. Only now, close your clubface about 20 degrees. To get an idea of what that should look like to you, the photo to the left shows what I mean. The two tees on top are pointing to the right of the target, and the two tees slanting down are where the face is pointing. The key to hitting this shot requires you to swing along the top two tees just to the right of the target, with a closed face.

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  1. Yeah, never mind that for 90% of amateurs hitting it decently off the tee is what they strive for.
    Most asinine golf tip yet. Next you’ll be giving advice on how to hit a golf ball that’s resting on a branch in some shrubbery. Oh wait! That’s been done, thanx to dave pelz.

  2. This web site is actually pretty well written and illustrated considering no videos immediately pop up. But our golfers world is filled with tips is it not? You would think that the people at Golf Tips Magazine would have written in a bunch of fake “”this is great”” stuff but they have seemingly left well enough alone. But then again this note could be fake. Just another swing thought to think about at the top of your backswing.

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