Greenside Monster

Finally master that bunker shot with these 6 steps
Greenside Monster

Photo 1 Even to mention this shot brings many a heart faint! Of all the shots around the green, this shot seems to bring more anxiety to the average weekend golfer than almost every other shot. Why is that? My theory from 40 years of teaching experience is that the handicap golfer fears this shot Read more…

How To Play Target Golf

Shots that will help you better navigate target-style golf courses

In today’s golf climate, it seems everyone is fixated on distance.

Rake It Up For Great Bunker Play

Bounce your wedge off the rake and improve your sand play

If there’s one shot in golf that golfers unnecessarily struggle with, it has to be the simple bunker shot.

Deck The Driver

Beat the ball off the fairway with your driver

Let’s face it. The driver used to be placed off the deck a lot more often than it is now.

Hybrid Basics

Learn how to hit your utility club

Hybrid clubs are incredibly useful, so long as you know how to swing one.

8 Tricks To Become A Better Player

Quick And Easy Tips To Play Better Golf Right Now

One of the most common mistakes amateurs make is improper alignment. Some think they should align their feet at the target, others try to get their shoulders parallel to it.

Ain’t Bad, Just Is

Catch a bad break? Don't let it get you down. Escape!

I can’t go at this shot right-handed because the cactus impedes my stance. But I can get the ball back in play by playing a left-handed shot.

Why You Can’t…

(and how you can)

One of the great things about the game of golf is that, on occasion, all of us, even the highest handicapper, will hit a shot like a pro. It might be a well-struck drive, hitting a par-5 in two or holing out a bunker shot.

Practice Like A Pro

PGA Tour Vet Kevin Streelman Shows How It’s Done

To get started, when you practice, always do so with a target in mind for every shot.

Tour Trends

Get Your Game In Shape With The Hottest Trends On Tour

The Tour pros I teach have altered their swings over the past few years to better match the latest equipment, advances in physical conditioning and varying course conditions.