Learn To Play ‘Target Line USA’ Golf

Once Practice Is Over, Forget Mechanics And Just Play


target line usa action 1

target line usa action 2

In these photos I’m in action — the only command, verbal or visual, I have asked my brain is to direct my action toward the target. Jack Nicklaus called it “going to the movies.” He talked about visualizing the flight of the ball its exact trajectory, any desired curve, etc. What Bill would say is, “what the brain conceives, the body can in fact achieve.” Folks, leave the swing thoughts on the range!

Play golf as it was meant to be played as a Target Game.

Listen, I fully understand the need for sound mechanics. I teach the X’s and O’s part of everyday I go to the lesson tee. On the golf course, though, I preach TARGET.

Understand: On the range we play Golf Swing , on the course we play Golf. 

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