Golf Shots You Never Practice, But Should

Work On These Common Situations To Save Strokes

fairway wood golf shots 1Fairway Woods

These clubs are hardly touched on the golf course, outside of the random par 5. No one works on their woods off the ground, maybe once in a while off a tee, but hardly otherwise. Why? Because no one can hit fairway woods!

The first thing that you must focus on when using these clubs is lie analysis, before you even choose a club. In fact, most of the time people would have a much easier and more successful time if they only used a 5-wood at most.

After choosing the club based on the lie you have the next step is to learn how to swing these clubs like your wedge—you need transitional tempo because if you jerk it down from the top you will tend to get steep and move in front of the ball.

The best drill to work on this is to hit fairway woods at partial speed but with a full swing, and build your speed up from there.

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