Golf Shots You Never Practice, But Should

Work On These Common Situations To Save Strokes

golf shots 50 yard bunkerThe 50 Yard Bunker Shot

Ugh…one of the hardest shots in golf and one that is never worked on, and I’ll even say it’s because most courses don’t have the facilities necessary to work on them. However, there is a way you can work on these, and there is a shot you can use to make them much easier.

Have you ever tried a long explosion shot instead of trying to “pick” the ball just perfectly? In fact, this option is quite easy if you have enough green to work with and don’t have to be perfect with your landing.

Set up to the ball like you would with a normal bunker shot, but this time have an 8 or 9 iron in your hand. Yes, you will have to aim a touch more leftward because this ball will squirt right and spin right when it hits the ground. But other than that it’s a straightforward bunker shot.

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