Your Golf Short Game Cheat Sheet

A Fundamental Fix-It Guide Suitable for Bookmarking

short game cheat sheet bunkersBUNKERS

  • Ball is forward of the sternum, spine tilted slightly targetward (Photo 1)
  • Weight is 60 percent forward
  • Butt of club at belt loop just forward of belt buckle (Photo 2)
  • Blade is slightly open, not square (Photo 3)
  • Body is pointing slightly open relative to the ball’s target line (Photo 4)
  • The swing is shorter to longer
  • Make the “l’s” by cocking the wrists on the backswing (Photo 5)
  • Get both snakes out of the bunker with a full finish of the rear shoulder
  • The weight and head stay in their address position to the finish (Photo 6)

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