Three Keys To A Sharp Short Game

Think Finesse Over Power

short game henderson 1


The things that come to mind when looking at the left frame of Photo 1 of the driver setup would be wide stance, side bend or tilt, and distance away from the ball.

Short of narrowing the stance and moving the ball back, the picture of the wedge in the right frame contains many of the same distance-producing factors. Over a period of time the player on the right would experience fat and thin contact mishits, as well difficulty controlling speed and touch of short game shots. This is solely based on the distance factors noted in the setup position.

Gaining control over the setup is a crucial part of being able to become proficient at the various skills needed to play quality golf and control the overall consistency of performance.

Here are the three simple steps:

short game henderson 2

Step 1: Narrow Stance

The short game stance is very narrow versus the full swing (Photo 3). This is optimum for stability in the short game, but opposite of the full swing. It would be tough to create power from the position in the right frame of Photo 2, which makes it optimal to hit short shots.

short game henderson 3

Step 2: Open or Splayed Lead Foot

Having a slightly open lead foot helps assist level shoulders through impact, which can be a lead contributor to controlling the low point in the short game motion.

short game henderson 4

Step 3: Shirt Buttons in Front

Set up with the sternum or shirt buttons in front of the ball (the right frame of Photo 4). If we set up with the chest behind the golf ball (left frame), the low point will tend to be behind the golf ball.

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