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Milk The Cow

Kind of looks like I’m milking a cow, doesn’t it? Well, that may be what I call this drill, but what I’m really doing is creating lag. Keep the angle between your left arm and the shaft at 90•_¡.

For a long time I’ve been doing a drill that I like to call Milking the Cow. From the photos, you probably can guess where it got its name. Why is it important to milk the cow in your swing? Because it creates a 90•__ angle between your left arm and your club shaft and, in golf, that’s what we call lag.

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Lag is a must if you want to hit powerful, accurate shots. Without it, your hands release too soon and power effectively evaporates. (I see this happen quite a bit during pro-ams when my amateur partners cast the club from the top of their swing like a fishing rod. Not only does hitting the ball like this create a major power leak for them, but it also causes an outside-in swing path and a slice.)

To create maximum lag, follow these five easy steps:
1. Address the ball as usual, then swing the club to the top.
2. Swing halfway down while retaining a 90•__ angle between your left arm and your golf club.
3. Return the club to the top of your swing.
4. Swing halfway down again and retain the 90•__ angle. You should feel as though you’re making a pumping motion and that your right hand is milking the cow.
5. Swing to the top one more time, then in one fluid motion swing through the ball. Practice milking the cow whenever you hit balls, and I guarantee you’ll make better contact, hit the ball farther and be more accurate with every shot.

1 At the top of my swing, the angle between my left arm and shaft is 90•_¡. 2 From there, I swing down about halfway and retain that angle. 3 Then I return the club to the top while retaining the 90•_¡ angle.
4 I pump it one more time. This really feels like milking the cow. 5 By now I feel the angle and, hence, lag. I’m ready to go! 6 I make a normal swing, keep the angle as long as possible, and nail it!

check out the video Moore milks the cow on our website.

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