For A Great Short Game, Pick Your Landing Spot

Vistualize What Kind Of Aircraft You Need To Get Close To The Hole
short game landing spots

I love short game situations. There are so many choices and not a lot of “rights versus wrongs” — it can be the best display of creativity. But sometimes we all “mix the fundamentals” of one shot with another, and the short game shot we were hoping to gracefully see head toward the cup ends Read more…

Make Your Green-side Bunker Play Better With Umbrella Drill

Master This Move And You’re Covered
green-side bunker umbrella drill

A green-side bunker shot is supposed to be one of the easiest shots in the game. After all, it’s the only shot in golf where we can hit up to three or four inches behind the ball and still get an acceptable result. Most golfers struggle with a green-side bunker because they have a difficult Read more…

Three Keys To Better Greenside Bunker Play

greenside bunker opener

The greenside bunker shot doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it should be one of the easiest shots in golf, because you don’t have to strike the ball at all, just the sand underneath it. Here’s my three-step method for becoming a great bunker player: FACE, BASE AND PACE. So just what is a Read more…

Three Keys To A Sharp Short Game

Think Finesse Over Power

Most of us are guilty of moving elements of our full swing into the short game. Quite frankly because that information has been handed down for what is now generations: “the small swing is the same as the full swing.” Always, as in life, it is not quite that straightforward. The goals of full swing Read more…

Get Your Golf Short Game On Plane

Most of you struggle with your golf short game because you swing the club too far inside on your takeaway. When we videotaped the best short game players we found when the club reaches parallel to the ground on the takeaway the club was parallel to the target line. So how do we learn the Read more…

The Key To Clean Chipping Contact

No Sitting Around When There’s SOLID Chip Shots To Be Made

Inconsistency in chipping is one of the game’s great bugaboos, leading to all sorts of issues around the green — skulls, tops, chunks — that ultimately do serious damage to your scorecard. The secret to striking the ball the way you want to, again and again? Let’s just say this: Maintaining your “lean” is the Read more…

How To Hit The High Pitch

It’s All About Set-Up, Speed, Release!

The high pitch shot, especially a mid-distance one, can be one of the toughest for amateurs to master. You need enough speed to send the ball far enough, but enough trajectory to stop the ball on the green quickly and softly. But it doesn’t have to be a tough shot. Follow my prescription for mastering Read more…

Master The Long Bunker Shot

Great Tips For Beginners
long bunker shot opener

Many golfers will have an easy time playing greenside bunker shots, particularly intermediate and pro golfers who practice a lot. But, when the distance increases to between 40 and 60 yards or slightly more, the long bunker shot becomes harder to execute even for highly experienced pro golfers. For most golfers, the only reason they Read more…

Your Golf Short Game Cheat Sheet

A Fundamental Fix-It Guide Suitable for Bookmarking

Learning all the golf shots can be confusing even for the most analytical individual, especially when it comes to the nuances of the all-important inside-50-yards game. This Short Game Cheat Sheet  deals with simple ways to understand the very complex parts of the game and even gives you a reason to bookmark it on your Read more…

How To Play Out Of Bunkers Without Fear

Be A Sand Wedge Skidder
how to play out of bunkers

So many amateurs come to me completely spooked by the Darth Vader of golf, how to play out of bunkers without fear. It’s funny: from day one I embraced bunker play; perhaps it was the creative aspect the shot required. There are several ways to skin this cat. Allow me to simply share a few Read more…