Turn Your Right Foot Out

One simple move will yield big-time drives

There are a number of ways to eke out a few extra yards off the tee. You could buy a new driver, lower your driver's loft, change your ball, get fit so your shaft matches your swing speed or hit the gym and beef up on your golf-specific muscles. While all are valid ways to make you hit it farther, I have a quick, simple solution that takes no time to master: Turn out your right foot.

That's it.

Since many golfers suffer from poor flexibility, they end up with a shorter-than-optimal backswing length. Golf is a sport that demands limber muscles. By simply turning your foot out, you can turn more in the backswing and create a wider arc. And wider arcs equal more power.

Once you've done that, just make a normal backswing and you'll notice that you've increased your arc (notice how much wider it is in the two photos). From there, at the top of your swing, it's vital that you shift your weight correctly in the downswing. Opening up your foot will help you do that. In fact, it produces a much better turn through the ball and makes shifting your weight to your left side that much easier.

Follow this one easy step, and I guarantee that you'll notice a distance gain.

Wayne Allen, CPGA, is the head professional at Blomidon Golf Club in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. Visit him at wayneallengolfacademy.com.

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