Train Your Aim

Understanding the railroad alignment analogy

train your aimIn this illustration, you can see that I’m standing in the middle of railroad tracks. Well, I’m not really standing on the tracks; I’m using the image to help aim and align myself to my target. Picturing the tracks’ parallel lines helps me identify my primary target (and intermediate target) and keep my body lines parallel to one another._Ê All too oftenI see golfers address the ball with contradictory body lines (their feet aim to the right, but their shoulders aim to the left, for example). Not only do these crossed linesminimize a golfer’s chance of making solid contact, but they force him or her to make awkward adjustments inthe swing just to get the club on path. Notice how my feet, knees, hips, shoulders and clubhead are all parallel to the tracks. That’s how you want them (unless you’re purposefully trying to cut or draw a shot). The next time you play, bring this railroad tracks image with you. Set up parallel to your target line and swing away.

•David Christenson is GM of Lyman Orchards Golf Club in Middlefield, Conn._Ê

Use the image of a railroad track to align yourself for each shot. It will help you keep your body lines parallel and your stance perfect for each shot.

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