Think PGA For Great Golf Fundamentals

How To Optimize Swing Path To Target

The golf set up (PGA) is 70 percent of the golf swing.  Perhaps you are among the many golfers that struggle with this concept.  Here is a tip and corresponding photos to help you navigate the perfect set up, which leads to great golf fundamentals.

In order to effectively swing the club down a path to the target, it is important to perform three pre-swing principals:



Feet are approximately shoulder width apart (weight on the balls of your feet), knees slightly flexed, upper body tilted from the pelvis, arms in front to swing freely to your target. Keep your chin up, and look down with your eyes.

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Palms facing each other with thumbs on opposite sides of the shaft in balance of each other. Maintain a light grip pressure for the club head to swing, yet keep control of the club in your fingers. The correct grip will allow the clubface to remain square against the golf ball.

[Not a valid template]Place a golf tee between your thumb and index finger on the lead hand.  Using a proper golf grip the ball will balance on this tee, validating the correct grip position on the club.

Repeat the process of golf tee between thumb and index finger on the trail hand.  Palm of your trail hand will match the club face position


Shoulders, hips, knees, and feet are on a parallel line with the target path.

The primary goal is for you to understand and execute one swing concept. The distance from your body to the club is one open hand width away.

great golf fundamentals alignment
Place two golf clubs on the ground, parallel to one another like a “railroad track.” Shaft of the club closest to your body will be a guide to align your feet, knees, hips and shoulders. The shaft of your club further away from you represents the target line. Place the club head on that shaft to obtain proper direction

Try “PGA” set-up for optimal results!

Warren Bottke is a PGA Master professional based at PGA National Resort and Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He was coach to three-time major winner Brooks Koepka from ages 11 to 18. Visit him at

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