The Six Best Lessons Barry Goldstein Knows

Tried-And-True Lessons To Improve Every Game
six best lessons grip
A strong grip will help kill the slice


This is literally the most important fundamental of all. A weak grip leaves the golfer virtually no shot at improving. Remember, it’s your only contact with the club, and therefore the ball.

So many amateurs tend to grip the club in the palms rather than the fingers. Gripping in at the base of the fingers on your lead hand (left for righties) is a move in the right direction, but I want you to go even further.

Grip the club in the fingers of your left hand and rotate both hands on the grip into a strong, powerful anti-slice position — to the right for right-handers.

I remember Chip Beck, who shot 59 on the PGA Tour, playing with my then 13-year-old daughter Carly Ray. She was miked up for The Golf Channel as they played together on air (she was already highly accomplished with a Doral Publix world championship title, and a Future Collegiate World Tour Championship national championship title under her belt). He took one look at her grip and said loudly in front of many fans, “who taught you that grip, Carly Ray?” She said, “My Dad did.” “NEVER CHANGE IT,” he replied strongly and enthusiastically. We never did, and 102 tournament wins later never will. I teach a more “fingery” grip than 99 percent of pros. It works — and for Golf Tips readers it will help tons.

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