Preload The Power

preload-the-power.jpg I’m frequently approached at my power clinics and exhibitions by senior golfers who claim they’ve lost strength and suppleness, which translates into shorter tee shots. My advice to them for regaining lost distance is simple and direct: preload your power. By that I mean seniors should make a few swing adjustments to compensate for advancing age and a diminished ability to turn their shoulders and torque their torso.

First, set up with more than half your weight on your right side (for right-handed golfers). This negates a loss of flexibility, which can prohibit a full turn. And, as we all know, a good, strong upper-body rotation is key for long distance. Second, tee the ball forward in your stance, preferably off the left toe. This position facilitates catching the ball on the upswing and makes it easier to stay behind the ball at impact.

I also recommend that seniors adopt a stronger grip, with both hands rotated clockwise on the shaft. A stronger grip allows the golfer to whip the clubhead through impact. Finally, if you possess a smooth swing and good control of the clubhead, experiment with longer shafts. Try to incorporate this advice into your game. I’m sure you’ll find the extra yards you’ve been missing.

Power driving expert Art Sellinger represents the Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas in Irving, Tex. For more information on Sellinger and his power training programs, visit

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