Polish Up Your Finish

End Your Swing The Right Way For Crisper Shots

One of the best ways to get your swing in check is to focus on your finish position. To simplify, I like to think of two ways you can finish your swing, with each way representing the type of shot you wanted to hit.

First, lets look at the finish in the larger photo. Looks good, right? Can you guess what type of shot this finish represents? If you guessed a fade, you’re right. As you can see, I’ve rotated my body onto my left side, the clubshaft is behind me, and the hands are about as high as my head position. My left elbow is away from my body pointing behind me, meaning I didn’t have a strong release of the hands. It’s a great position for those who naturally fade the ball, and for those who battle with too much hook spin.

On the other hand, if you’re a player who favors the draw, the smaller photo below is more suited for you. Notice how the club finishes more to my left, and my left elbow is more forward? This indicates I’ve done a good job releasing my hands through the shot and will likely hit a draw as a result. Try to mimic this position if you like hitting it right to left or if you struggle with slicing the ball too much. It just might help.

Despite the differences in my two finishes, both are in perfect balance, with my weight on my left side and my right heel off the ground. Keep those constants in mind, polish up your finish and start seeing better results.

Top-25 Instructor Karen Nannen, PGA, teaches at Desert Highlands in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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