Flip It To Stick It!

Hinge your wrists early to perfect this more advanced flop shot

If you’ve ever found yourself short-sided in the rough, as I am here, then you know you need to execute a shot that gets the ball up high and in a hurry–and lands soft. Here’s a more advanced way to play this rough flop shot.

Weighing In

Shift your weight correctly for the proper swing path

I know that many of my students may think they understand how their balance shifts throughout their swings, but they often don’t really feel it until I show them this drill.

Keegan Bradley

The 2011 PGA Champ's Swing

In his rookie year on Tour, Keegan Bradley has established himself as a player who has the potential to have a great career

Swing A Wet Mop

Find your perfect swing with this household item

One of the most critical parts of the golf swing is what you do in the first few inches of the takeaway.

Turn Your Right Foot Out

One simple move will yield big-time drives

There are a number of ways to eek out a few extra yards off the tee

Check Your Hinge

Gain yards with this simple drill

What I like to do is rehearse a simple yet effective drill.

Greenside Greatness

Get up and down when you're just off the green

As you can see here, I’ve got a 40-yard bunker shot, which is arguably one of the game’s hardest tests. I’ll show you two ways to play it, depending on the kind of sand that you find in the bunke

Grip It Right

Gripping the putter correctly will improve your contact

A proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers.

My Favorite Tips & Drills

Improve fast with my top ten tips

Sometimes, even the best players in the world need to refresh their fundamentals. In fact, for some, the fundamentals are the only things they work on come time to keep their swings in check.