Manage Your Weight

Chip close right now

One of the more common flaws I see in chipping is poor weight management.

Push Your Putt

Make more putts with a push

One of the more common putting mistakes I see from my students is a lack of acceleration through the ball.

Dot Your Impact

Better Contact For Lower Scores

The number-one fundamental that all great ballstrikers know is critical for hitting better shots is centeredness of contact.

The Toe Putt

Turn your putter around for more success on the greens

One of the most overlooked aspects of putting is making sure you have solid contact.

Drop The Box

Use a sleeve of balls for better ballstriking

Along with a poor and weak grip, one of the biggest mistakes I see many of my students make is having bad posture at address.

Take A Seat

A chair will help you make solid contact

I call it the Take a Seat drill, and how it works is simple.

Drain It

Make more putts with these two quick tips

I bet if you stood 10 feet away from me, you could easily toss me a golf ball and wouldn’t be short or long with your throw.

Goal Time

Reach the next level of your game

If you want your game to reach the next level, you need to set strong goals.