Hunker Down

Have you ever been told to hunker down and get ready? Ever wonder what that means? The word hunker has been traced back to German and Dutch origins, meaning to squat, get low and bend the knees. Today, the expression means that and a few things more, including to settle in or to hold resolutely.

Fake vs. Real

How to spot a good backswing from a bad one

Golf instruction usually is loaded with tips on what you need to do to optimize your downswing and impact position. And while that’s obviously important, I believe it’s just as important to know how to make a proper backswing.

Anthony Kim Snapshot

Don’t get us wrong, Anthony Kim still has in our opinion, one of the

most compact and powerful swings on the PGA Tour. As is the case with

this shot, he actually just barely missed green, albeit a long ways to

the right and at the opposite end of the pin which was tucked in the

back left corner.

No Sway, Jose

And Keep The Bag In Place

One of the great players on the PGA Tour was Chi Chi Rodriguez. In his heyday, Chi Chi could play and hit the ball as well and as far as almost anyone, even though he was smaller in size.

The Turn Zone

Swing Don't Sway

Why the golf swing is called a “swing” is beyond me. It’s actually more of a turn than a swing, with the body’s weight moving sequentially from one side to another via a rotary motion—not a swinging one.

PROspectives: Ryan Moore

Milk The Cow

For a long time I’ve been doing a drill that I like to call Milking the Cow. From the photos, you probably can guess where it got its name. Why is it important to milk the cow in your swing? Because it creates a 90_¡ angle between your left arm and your club shaft and, in golf, that’s what we call lag.

8-Second Countdown

How to make the most of those crucial moments before you putt.

Standing over a putt for too long (and freezing up) can seriously impact the fluidity of your putting stroke. To make sure you don’t get this overanalysis paralysis, I suggest you don’t wait too long in between your last practice stroke and your actual putt. In fact, it should take you a maximum of eight seconds! Anything longer than that, and it’s hard to retain the desired feel for the putt at hand.

PROspectives: Eric Axley

How to chip like a pro.

On the PGA Tour, the ability to get up and down consistently from around the green is critical, and being a good pitcher of the ball makes saving pars a lot easier. The three basic shots you need to know are high, medium and low pitches. Master these three, and you’ll be able to handle just about any situation.

Over The Top

How to smother the slice for good

With today’s enormous drivers, it has become easier to hit the ball a long way. But if you slice the ball, you’re probably not getting the type of distance you deserve, since sliced shots not only miss the fairway, but also rob you of powerful distance.

Seeing Double

How to hit a hybrid like an iron

With a quick glance, you can hardly tell the difference between the photos, right? True, both shots look close to identical, but in actuality, they’re anything but. The photo on the left is at impact with a 6-iron, and the photo on the far left is the same impact position, only this time with my hybrid.