Moment Of Impact

Moment Of Impact The biggest challenge for a golf student is to feel the proper mechanics. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to experience the feeling of the most important moment during the golf swing: impact.

The only tools you need to learn a mechanically sound impact position are an old iron and a door jamb. Begin by assuming your address position, with the clubhead resting against the door jamb. Be certain to position the door jamb where you’d normally play the ball (just inside the left shoulder). Look down at your hands, and you’ll notice they’re just to the right of your left foot.

To feel the proper impact position, keep your club against the door jamb and move your hands to the left of your left foot. Make sure your hands move due to correct use of your body, not by manipulation. To accomplish this, keep your shoulders square, open your hips approximately 30 degrees, place 75 percent of your weight on your left foot, allow your left leg to straighten slightly and lift your right heel slightly. During these movements, be sure to keep your head in the position it held at address. Look down again, and you’ll notice your left wrist is flat and your right wrist is bent backwards. Now you’re in the ideal impact position.

To maximize the benefits of this drill, try to flex or stress the shaft against the door jamb, using your body to create the force.

Brady Riggs is a teaching professional at Woodley Lakes G.C. in Southern California.


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  1. Hey Brady,

    That is exactly the position I would like to feel more often than not. How many time would you suggest doing the drill each day…and how many days before I get it just right.

    Like your comments.


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