Lag For Power

The secret move for more power

Lag For Power
Casting the club from the top of the swing (arms straightening prematurely) is one of the most common power leaks for the amateur player. This move results from a downswing that’s initiated by the muscles in the arms and upper body, and makes it almost impossible to store energy during the downswing. In contrast, the downswing I’m making here was initiated with the core of my body and my feet. Notice how deep my right elbow is and the relatively extreme angle that’s created between the clubshaft and my right forearm. This lag stores a ton of power. To learn this move, try letting your arms stay loose and initiating your downswing by shifting your weight to your left heel and rotating your stomach and hip in a counterclockwise direction.

Power TipThe grip you use can have a definite effect on your ability to create lag, depending on the flexibility of your wrists and forearms. For most players, the interlocking grip can interfere with flexibility, so try the overlap or the 10-finger grip you see here.

Kevin Scheller works with a wide array of students, including PGA Tour rising star Anthony Kim.

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