Coil And Load

Coil And Load There are many keys to a powerful swing, and my number-one focus is to establish a powerful backswing coil. Notice how my left arm is parallel to the ground while the shaft is perpendicular to it. This position indicates a massive turn away from the ball and not a simple lifting of the club to the top (you can see my entire body stretching and straining to get turned). The coil is further enhanced by my left foot, which is firmly on the ground. This limits the amount I can turn my hips while still allowing me to rotate my shoulders as much as possible. Some other keys:

1. I move the club with the body, not the hands.

2. The legs solidly support the upper body.

3. I combine a huge body turn with a short arm swing.

4. A great combo: wide on the back, narrow on the way down.

Professional long driver Trez Simmons is an active member of the LDA Tour.

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