Grip It Right

Gripping the putter correctly will improve your contact

A proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers.

Golf Putting Tips: The Other Game

If you want to be a complete golfer, you have to become a masterful putter

To paraphrase Ben Hogan, golf is two games, the full swing and putting.

Two Tips For More One-Putts

Lower your scores now!

If your distance control is good on lag putts, you should leave yourself a lot of short second putts.

The 4-Step Putting Routine

Far easy steps to drain more putts

If you don’t prepare correctly, odds are, no matter how good you read the greens or how fluid your stroke may be, you may still find yourself missing putts.

Get Fit!

Match the right putter to your stroke

The other day, I was reading through a club company’s literature and saw that they were offering 15 different putter models for their 2011 line.

Putt 4 Dough

Drain Putts From All Over The Green

Line up three balls about 10 feet from the cup.

Putting Absolutes

Drain It From Everywhere

When it comes to putting, personal preference almost always wins.

How To Win The Masters

There Is More Than One Way To Come Out On Top

One of the things I enjoy most in golf is the opportunity to travel to Augusta, Ga., for The Masters each spring.

Sharpen Your Short Game

The short game is where you can save the most strokes. You can hit only so many 300-yard drives or stiff iron shots from the rough or fairway.

Swing Myths and Simple Fixes

I’ve seen so many different approaches to golf instruction that some things have come full circle. For every instructor who says keep your head down, another says let it turn.