Learn To Rule Greens With Putt Ruler

Simple Device Makes Perfect Contact Possible
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Most golfers have seen tour players use a line on their ball for putting. They make a decision on the speed and line of each putt, then replace their ball by pointing the line on the ball down the start line of their putt. They are then able take the same address position and make the same stroking action on each putt according to the line on the ball. So when it comes time to stroke the ball they need only to focus on speed.

Two skills are needed to putt consistently well. First and foremost is skillful green reading or the ability to accurately identify the speed of a putt and the accurate start line for that speed. Second is the ability to skillfully stroke the ball down the start line at a speed which will stop the ball in the immediate vicinity of, or into the hole. Learning one of these skills if the other is not already in place is a bit like chasing one’s tail. Being deficient in either skill will tend to change the other, resulting in constant practice and inconsistent results.

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It’s simple: Just take the putter straight back and strike the stroke ball with a square face. Thanks to kinetic energy, a solid on-line stroke will send the play ball on its true line …

Traditional putting instruction teaches stroke. Green reading is largely neglected; other than years of practice there has been no good method, or adequate training device, to enable accurate green reading, let alone teach both accurate green reading and stroking skills at the same time. So I determined to find an efficient way to teach both accurate green reading and stroking skills, without having to spend a lifetime practicing with inconsistent results.

In the game of pool or billiards, when the cue ball and the object ball are at rest and touching, due to having only one point of contact, regardless of how the cue ball is struck the object ball cannot be propelled in any direction except on the line where the two balls are pointed. This is a law of physics, and the design of The Putt Ruler uses this phenomenon to eliminate stroke error.

The Putt Ruler accommodates two balls. Stroking the “stroke ball” sends the “play ball” down the chosen start line regardless of whether the stroke was pushed, pulled or otherwise imperfect, thus eliminating stroke error. Eliminating stroke error leaves only the pairing of speed and line to be determined, so after a few attempts any putt can be accurately read. Therefore, with a bit of practice on The Putt Ruler, good green reading skills can be easily and quickly learned.

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