Learn The Art Of Spotputting

Follow These Steps To Find The Cup More Often


In other words, what is the imaginary spot to aim at that will produce the best result for each putt?

Check out the following slideshow:

Set Up: Imaginary Target

Set Up: Imaginary Target

In this photo, I am setting up toward an “imaginary” target on the putting green, represented by a yellow disc. If you don’t have a disc a coin or tee would work as well. Note that this putt is appreciably downhill and breaks left to right, so I’ve chosen my spot accordingly.


Second-guessing your line and/or speed either consciously or subconsciously may cause compensations in your stroke. Once chosen, a confident stroke at your “spotputting” imaginary spot will almost always lead to an acceptable result, either a make or, at worst, a tap-in.

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