Learn The Art Of Spotputting

Follow These Steps To Find The Cup More Often

spotputting worthingtonThere are many factors to consider while putting on the greens.

Is my putt uphill or downhill?

How fast are the greens?

How much slope is there? Is the slope to the left or to the right? Is there a double break?

Is there wind or grain present that will affect the line and/or the speed, or both? If so, how much?

Follow the process I’ve outlined below to learn to view any putt and choose the optimum line that matches the speed you’ve chosen in order to hole more than your share of putts.

Considering this information all at once may seem overwhelming.

However, using a concept I call “spotputting” will improve your putting skills and thus your scores.

Even the best putters are making an educated guess of both the line and pace for each putt they hit. What these exceptional putters use is a stockpile of experience and knowledge, having practiced their putting in a most efficient way. By following the pictures and drills outlined below, your understanding of your own tendencies will improve—as well as your scores.

Many exceptional putters also use spotputting, which I define as “envisioning a spot on the green to aim at to ensure optimum putting accuracy.”

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