Learn The Art Of Spotputting

Follow These Steps To Find The Cup More Often

There are many factors to consider while putting on the greens. Is my putt uphill or downhill? How fast are the greens? How much slope is there? Is the slope to the left or to the right? Is there a double break? Is there wind or grain present that will affect the line and/or the Read more…

Base Putting Eye Position On Your Stroke

How You See Is What You Get

When I talk about putting with my students, I like to work on these top three skills: Ability to aim Ability start putt on the intended line Speed control This tip will help you master the top two. Everyone’s sights and visuals are different, so it is important to calibrate each player specifically and find Read more…

How To ‘Stick’ To Good Putting

Lock The Arms For A Consistent Stroke
good putting featured

In any good putting stroke the hands, wrists and arms form a stable structure that stays intact during the entire motion (Photo 1). The putter head is put into motion by the movement of the shoulders and the structure created at address should remain throughout the stroke…otherwise the structure breaks down and inconsistencies in the Read more…

Draw The (Chalk) Line For Better Putting Stroke

A Simple Drill For Making More Knee-Knockers

Every once in a while you get one of those “aha” moments. I had one when I was playing in the PGA Junior Championship at Bellerive Country Club. I had lost the tournament due to my exceptionally poor putting from four feet and in. I vowed I would never allow that to happen again. So Read more…

How To Make Big Breaking Putts

Will You Take The High Or Low Line?

One of the hardest things for people to understand when faced with big breaking putts is that there are and infinite number of “lines” you can take based on the speed you choose. Sometimes certain putts require a more delicate approach while others necessitate a more direct route to the hole. Regardless of the one Read more…

Is It Time To Try Side-Saddle Putting?

Toss A Ball And You Get the Picture

  Lining up a putt is important. When figuring out the break of a putt, most of us stand at a right angle to the line, facing the ball, to determine it. This is not accurate, but side-saddle putting IS accurate. Think about it: When you line up a putt, you stand behind the ball Read more…

Learn To Rule Greens With Putt Ruler

Simple Device Makes Perfect Contact Possible
putt ruler opener

I have known The Putt Ruler inventor Bob Walton for over 25 years. We were introduced by our mutual friend Bob Ford, head PGA Professional at Seminole and past head professional at Oakmont. Bob Walton is as passionate a golfer as any living and breathing human being I have ever met on this planet. So Read more…

Putt Like A Pro: Always Hit The Sweet Spot

The Parallax Effect Is Key To Solid Contact

Every putter manufacturer stresses the importance of FEEL. Words like “soft feel,” “muted feel,” “firm feel,” “softer sound and feel,” “old school feel,” and “gentle feel” are used to describe the feel of the putter’s impact with the golf ball. All golfers know and understand that sensation, both the good and the bad.  Impacting the Read more…

How To Putt Like Jack Nicklaus

Forget The Release, Go For The Piston

Let’s talk about “releasing” the putter head. It’s discussed a lot among golf instructors, letting that head “pass” the hands as it goes through the impact zone, but is that what you really want to do? Putt like Jack Nicklaus, that’s what. Nicklaus, perhaps the greatest golfer, and putter, of all time, looked at and Read more…

The Art Of Feel Putting

Get Less Technical And Have More Fun
feel putting featured

As golf science advances and evolves we’ve become more dependent and focused upon what technically should happen throughout any shot in golf. It seems we consume ourselves with the ideal that if our effort to swing any club within a technologically “perfect” condition(s), we worry about how off target any shot will be. Putting is Read more…