Build Your Own Golf House

Why Your Swing Must Match Your Body Type

I met Kathy Welsch in 2010. Kathy is a Class A tour player who played on the LPGA Tour from 1974 to 1976; she’s is currently a Class A Teaching and Club Professional and Lifetime LPGA member. Kathy has an easy, balanced swing and she explained her thoughts to me during our golf game. She Read more…

Golf Wind: How To Read The Breeze

Does wind make a difference when you’re playing golf? Yes, golf wind matters, big time. Ask any of the top 93 players in the world after they played the first round of the Masters at Augusta National this year. Winds were sustained at 30 mph with gusts to 40. Only 11 players broke par and Read more…

The Yardstick Putting Drill

Stay On The Straight And Narrow With This Tip

Ask any good putter what separates him or her from the crowd, and they’ll most likely say, “My ability to bury the short ones, inside three feet, almost all the time.” Sure, crazy lipouts or spike marks happen, but if you really want to shave strokes off your card and be a master of the Read more…

Swing From The Ground Up!

Toss Your Bag To Feel The Right Weight Transfer

For golfer who wonder what the right “feel” is when you start the swing from the ground up, here is a great visual: Holding up my tour-sized golf bag, taking my stance, turning back, then moving through and transferring my weight as I toss the entire thing to one of my assistant pros! I normally Read more…

Is Your Swing Out Of Date?

In With The New. The Swings Of Today’s Top Young Golfers Are Vastly More Efficient Than Those Used By Yesterday’s Heroes

The trophy cases of the likes of Nicklaus, Irwin, Miller, Stewart and

Trevino are full of championship hardware, but all had swings that

would now be considered old-fashioned. Yesterday’s players used a

significant amount of lateral lower-body movement, which placed a lot

of undue stress on the neck, hips and back. The great young players of

today strive for a more stacked position at impact, which is both more

efficient and much healthier for the body.

Four Key Movements To Better Golf

Every Great Swing Shares These Attributes

Everything I teach comes from studying the best players in the world. I don’t necessarily teach the “Fundamentals of Golf” as I learned them growing up — based on a number of factors I’ve found they don’t necessarily apply to all golfers. I like to teach what I call the Tour Fundamentals of Golf, which Read more…

Six-Spoke Series No. 6: Simple Technique

Fundamentals Make All The Difference

Editor’s Note: Following is the sixth and final instruction piece in digest form from Top 30 instructor Tom Patri’s 2005 book, The Six-Spoke Approach to Golf. Tom is one of the most respected teachers and coaches in the game, and we’re honored to add his deep passion and knowledge to Golf Tips. Looking back at Read more…

Bird Golf Academy Comes To Turnberry Isle

Fifth Florida Location For Nationwide Golf School

Bird Golf Academy, the ultimate golf learning experience, has opened a new location at Turnberry Isle Miami, one of the most well-known luxury resorts. This new resort access for Bird Golf students gives them the ability to hone their skills in a state-of-the-art, private practice areas of the location. “Turnberry Isle is an ideal venure Read more…

Former Oakmont Pro Joins Nemacolin Golf Academy

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort – the acclaimed luxury resort in the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania – announces its Golf Academy has become one of the premier teaching facilities in the U.S. while led by its new director of instruction, Eric Johnson. Johnson, one of GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers in America,” arrived at Nemacolin just days Read more…

Mind Power: The Golf Mental Game

Apply my Five Cs for competitive golf and bring some mental power to your game

If you don’t think professional golfers play under considerable pressure, then you may not have seen this year’s major championships.