The Most Important Golf Lesson

Jack Grout Reveals Two Key Swing Thoughts

Editor’s Note: Following is The Most Important Golf Lesson, the second of several planned excerpts from A Wonderful Run at Life: The Stories of Pandel Savic, published in 2016 by Orange Frazar Press. An immigrant from Macedonia and star quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes who led them to their first Rose Bowl victory in Read more…

Single-Axis Swing: An Easier Way

Fueled by the legend and memory of Moe Norman, the single-axis swing continues to intrigue with its simplicity

Moe Norman was considered by many to be the best ballstriker of all

time. Even Ben Hogan was once quoted as saying that “Moe was the only

guy that I would walk across the street to watch hit balls.” But anyone

who’s familiar with Moe Norman knows that his golf swing was a bit

unconventional. Compared to today’s popular techniques, Norman’s golf

swing adhered to a single axis, not the two planes normally associated

with the modern dynamic. Taking away and returning the club on a single

plane fueled Norman’s consistency and correctness at impact by

“de-complexing” the swing. Is a single-axis motion the best way to

swing a golf club? The debate has raged for decades. At the very least,

it effectively simplifies and helps improve the most important part of

the swing—impact. A comparison of the single-axis technique and the

modern swing shows how.

How To Hit A Draw Part 2

It Really Is All In The Hips

In our first article on how to hit a draw, we looked at the basic schematic of how the face and path of the club should move in conjunction with the hand and arm path. To help facilitate the motions of the grid we need to understand how the body work and more specifically the Read more…

Better Bunker Play With A Splash

Struggling with your bunker play? Long or short bunker shots can be executed with ease through a different mindset and choosing the right club. The standard approach to a bunker shot has always been, “hit two inches behind the ball and EXPLODE the sand!”  This mindset causes tension in the hands and a tendency to Read more…

Hit A Draw In 3 Basic Steps

A Quick Guide To Creating The Ball Flight You Want

Nearly every golfer develops a natural shot pattern such as a fade, draw, slice or hook. The hardest shot is to consistently hit the ball straight. The benefit of playing a natural shot pattern is you generally know what the ball will do and where it will go. However, the overwhelming percentage of players routinely Read more…

Swing Drills Using Golf Balls

Four Ways To Round Out Your Practice Session

Contrary to dysfunctional (albeit entertaining) “Tin Cup” mentality, when things start going sour you don’t need to practice with nine different swing aids hanging from various parts of your body. In fact, most swing aids – especially ones that require clips, carabiners, belts, engines, or dangling apparati of any kind – will likely only confuse Read more…

Release The Club For Great Golf

In the immortal words of the great cabaret singer Engelbert Humperdinck, “Please Release Me Let Me Go. Every day I go to the lesson tee and, with rare exception, I encounter a student if not students who for a variety of reasons do not release the club. The release, as it is commonly called, is simply Read more…

Uneven Lies And How To Beat Them

Level The Playing Field With These Adjustments

A large percentage of shots during a round of golf will not be from a perfect, level lie like you practice on the range.  Understanding what may or may not happen from these uneven lies and making the necessary set-up adjustments are extremely important to executing the shot and minimizing the BIG mistakes. When executing Read more…

A Pro Getaway At Reynolds Kingdom

Prepare Like A Tour Player With A Fall Visit
Reynolds lake oconee golf school

Now that all guests of Reynolds Lake Oconee have access to the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf, presented by TaylorMade, every golfer can tune up for the fall season just like tour pros. The new “Fall Club Fitting & Golf Escape” package makes it even easier to be at peak performance for the home stretch of Read more…

Build A Better Golf Grip

‘Hammer It Home’ To Hit The Ball Long and Straight

When most amateurs decide to play this game, they simply grab the golf club without any idea where their hands should be placed. From that point on, faults begin to affect their golf swing. There are countless variations of the “bad” golf grip that the beginner comes up with and an equal number of swing Read more…