‘Fly’ Into A Good Golf Swing

The Airplane Drill Will Rev Up Your Swing’s True Engine
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Are you an arm swinger? Does your swing sometimes feel as though you are chopping wood with a heavy axe in your hands? Do you ever feel like you are swatting at the ball? Do you want to hit the ball further? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it sounds Read more…

Three Crucial Golf Moves

Copy These Positions For Iron Game Success

As you dial in your iron game this summer, or whenever you’re practicing to get better, give the following three crucial golf moves a try as part of your routine. Over the years I’ve been teaching they’ve proven some of the most valuable and consistent ideas I offer my students, and they’ll work for you, Read more…

Golf Help For Odell Beckham Jr.

Top 25 Instructor Analyzes NFL Star’s Swing

Golf is a daunting sport for anyone, including world-class professional athletes like NFL and former New York Giants All-Pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who, as a newly minted Cleveland Brown, recently asked for help with his swing via Instagram. So, we asked Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor, New York native and longtime Giants fan Read more…

Think PGA For Great Golf Fundamentals

How To Optimize Swing Path To Target

The golf set up (PGA) is 70 percent of the golf swing.  Perhaps you are among the many golfers that struggle with this concept.  Here is a tip and corresponding photos to help you navigate the perfect set up, which leads to great golf fundamentals. In order to effectively swing the club down a path Read more…

50 Best Golf Swing Keys

Where To Be Throughout The Swing For Guaranteed Success
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When you watch Tour pros on television, you probably notice certain similarities in their respective swings. Good tempo is common, as well as good balance. Do you remember the last time you saw a professional golfer fall down after a swing or take a hack that looked awkward or rushed? Amateur golfers also tend to notice the look and feel of effortlessness Tour pros project during the swing. Of course, the prodigious distance their shots travel and the crispness of their ballstriking are impressive as well. The problem is, most amateurs simply don’t do the things the pros do before, during and after the swing and, as a result, are unable to get the same results. To hit the ball like a pro, you have to understand the moves they make and learn to do them yourself. Then, you’ll be solid.

Troon Announces Player Development Month

Special Instruction Offers And More For May

Troon is promoting May as “Player Development Month” at Troon-affiliated daily-fee golf courses, private clubs and Troon Golf Academies. Troon facilities and Troon Golf Academies throughout the United States will be hosting golf clinics in May designed for all levels of players, new through advanced. 2019 marks the eighth year that Troon has recognized May Read more…

A Closed Club Face Can Be Good

Fast Swing Speeds Can Handle It

We’re often told that a closed club face is a bad thing, and it is sometimes. Then again, it can be a good thing if other swing conditions fall into place. Let’s take a look at wrist action during the swing and what happens when you change conditions from address to the top, and how Read more…

Is It Time To Try Side-Saddle Putting?

Toss A Ball And You Get the Picture

  Lining up a putt is important. When figuring out the break of a putt, most of us stand at a right angle to the line, facing the ball, to determine it. This is not accurate, but side-saddle putting IS accurate. Think about it: When you line up a putt, you stand behind the ball Read more…

Be Your Best Driver Of The Golf Ball

Two Positions To Put You Far Down The Fairway

I’m a huge believer that awareness is half the battle when it comes to improving one’s game. We’d all like to our best driver — to drive the ball as long and straight as top PGA Tour players. Most of us will never be able to achieve the overall distance of a Dustin Johnson, Cameron Read more…

Tiger’s Win Gives Golf A Huge Boost

His Return To The Top Holds Lessons For Us All

I’m sitting in the Indianapolis Airport at 5:30 a.m., waiting to fly back to Florida paradise after a two day visit to my new summer digs, The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club in Fishers, Indiana. As I scroll through various social media platforms — as I do each am to see what’s happening, especially in Read more…