Your Golf Short Game Cheat Sheet

A Fundamental Fix-It Guide Suitable for Bookmarking

Learning all the golf shots can be confusing even for the most analytical individual, especially when it comes to the nuances of the all-important inside-50-yards game. This Short Game Cheat Sheet  deals with simple ways to understand the very complex parts of the game and even gives you a reason to bookmark it on your Read more…

Awaken Your Inner Golfer

New Book Reveals Secret To Playing Golf — Emphasis On Play

As far as Jerry Brown is concerned, there’s a great inner golfer inside every able-bodied human on earth. All we have to do is get out of the way and let him or her through, smiling and relaxed and ready to enjoy the game without giving all those pesky swing mechanics and repetitive drills and Read more…

Building The Perfect Golf Swing

A RARE Shot At Big Improvement

I’m excited to share with you some great information that’s going to really help you be able to hit every shot in the bag, from your putter all the way to your driver. Indeed, you could be on your way to your perfect golf swing. I came up with this simple reminder, a great acronym Read more…

Six Steps To Perfect Alignment

Use Your Dominant Eye To Set Target
perfect alignment opener

One of the biggest issues for amateur golfers is improper alignment. You can hit a well-struck ball perfectly straight, but if you are not aligned properly to your target, you will miss it every time. Here is a great Six-Step Method to Perfect Alignment. Always pick your target from behind the ball, not beside the Read more…

Beginning Golfer? Mimic The Top Tour Pros

greatest shots in masters history tiger chip in

If you’re a beginning golfer looking to improve your golf game, there are several options to choose from. One is through self-assessment alone, and while that may be easier than hiring a coach, that certainly leaves room for multiple mistakes to occur and for your game to get progressively worse. Another option is to choose Read more…

Four Steps To a Better Golfing Body

Learn From Cameron Smith’s Physical Approach

With the rise of Cameron Smith to the World’s Top 30, people are starting to pay attention to what makes the young Aussie so good. Although only a small part of the puzzle, as his trainer I would like to share a key ingredient of his physical preparation for building a better golfing body during Read more…

Better Ball Striking in Minutes

Use The Humble Golf Tee As A Path To Consistency

If you struggle with a slice or a hook and inconsistent ball striking, your club path at impact may be the issue. Crooked and inconsistent ball striking is not a good recipe for low scores. Try this simple drill to see where your path is and to fix it for better ball striking. TEE IT Read more…

Get Your Golf Swing In Sync

Waltz Your Way To Lower Scores
swing in sync opener

All of us, at some time or other, have experienced the uneasy feeling that our golf swing is out of sync. It feels like we don’t have any rhythm or timing at all. Believe it or not, all you may need to get your swing in sync is a few moves using the waltz rhythm Read more…

Reynolds Lake Oconee Golf Schools Slated For Fall

Reynolds lake oconee golf school

There is no better place to improve golf skills than northern Georgia’s Reynolds Lake Oconee golf schools, no better-equipped learning facility than the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade, and no better way for golfers to rev up their games than a two-day session this fall. All autumn long, Reynolds Lake Oconee is offering Read more…

How To Blast Your Drives Farther

Build Explosive Power From The Ground Up
blast your drives opener

In 2018 we are all obsessed with how to blast your drives farther. We have watched over the last 20-25 years the evolution of this game before our very eyes from a shot maker’s game to one dominated by raw power. Every day you turn on the TV, open a golf magazine or go online, Read more…