Learn To Play ‘Target Line USA’ Golf

Once Practice Is Over, Forget Mechanics And Just Play

As I begin this critically important instructional piece that I call Target Line USA (more on that in a moment), I’d be highly remiss if I didn’t give full credit to the late great Coach Bill Strausbaugh. Bill was a PGA of America National Teacher of the Year, my primary mentor, a father figure to Read more…

Three Types Of Golf Practice

Work On Mechanics, Feel And Scoring

So many times, when I am talking to new students, they tell me their golf practice goes well, but they can’t seem to transfer their golf skills into scoring. I immediately ask them how they are practicing. Most people just do the mechanical aspect of golf. For example, while working on their swing, they focus Read more…

The Right Golf Ball Position Every Time

A Failsafe Drill For Every Club

As a Long Drive specialist, I feel really comfortable with a driver in my hands and I am confident when I tee it up, I can hit a decent drive. What I struggle with is consistency and solid ball striking with my irons.  My coach Paul Horton, 2017 PGA of Canada Coach of the Year, Read more…

Make Your Greenside Bunker Play Better With Umbrella Drill

Master This Move And You’re Covered
green-side bunker umbrella drill

A green-side bunker shot is supposed to be one of the easiest shots in the game. After all, it’s the only shot in golf where we can hit up to three or four inches behind the ball and still get an acceptable result. Most golfers struggle with a green-side bunker because they have a difficult Read more…

What Kind Of Golf Student Are You?

How Do You Best Learn The Game?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is find out what learning style you are. While the validity of learning styles has long been debated by neuroscientists, many great educators feel they are not only valid, but are invaluable for teaching and learning. Knowing your learning style — what kind of golf Read more…

TGA Premier Golf Comes To Long Island

Program Introduces Youth To Golf, Other Sports
tga premier

TGA Premier Sports (TGA), a leading youth sports organization specializing in introductory and recreational programs, announces the launch of a new TGA Premier Golf franchise in the Long Island, New York area.Tiffany Pippins, a veteran educator, journalist and TGA golf coach recently launched the TGA Premier Golf of South Nassau County franchise, parlaying her love Read more…

How To Hit Better Tee Shots

Avoiding The Deadly Double-Cross

Better tee shots mean hitting the ball straight. There’s nothing worse than standing up on the tee setting up for your “normal” shot shape, then hitting the deadly double-cross! So now you are left picking up the pieces of a shot that went left to left or right to right…not fun! Here at Punta Mita Read more…

Three Keys To Better Greenside Bunker Play

greenside bunker opener

The greenside bunker shot doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it should be one of the easiest shots in golf, because you don’t have to strike the ball at all, just the sand underneath it. Here’s my three-step method for becoming a great bunker player: FACE, BASE AND PACE. So just what is a Read more…

Success From Range To Golf Course

range to golf course

As coaches, all too often we engage in the following conversation when a player’s skills seem to get lost from range to golf course: Coach: “How did you play?” Player: “Rubbish, but I don’t get it, I hit it so well on the range.” The question: “Why didn’t my range game transfer over to the Read more…

Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 2

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers
golf milestones featured

It’s high summer, and now is the time to start measuring your progress toward achieving your Golf Milestones. How close are you to breaking through a milestone? Are you one or two strokes away? Did you start thinking about your scores too soon before the round is complete, believing you had a chance to break Read more…