Uneven Lies And How To Beat Them

Level The Playing Field With These Adjustments

A large percentage of shots during a round of golf will not be from a perfect, level lie like you practice on the range.  Understanding what may or may not happen from these uneven lies and making the necessary set-up adjustments are extremely important to executing the shot and minimizing the BIG mistakes. When executing Read more…

A Pro Getaway At Reynolds Kingdom

Prepare Like A Tour Player With A Fall Visit
Reynolds lake oconee golf school

Now that all guests of Reynolds Lake Oconee have access to the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf, presented by TaylorMade, every golfer can tune up for the fall season just like tour pros. The new “Fall Club Fitting & Golf Escape” package makes it even easier to be at peak performance for the home stretch of Read more…

Build A Better Golf Grip

‘Hammer It Home’ To Hit The Ball Long and Straight

When most amateurs decide to play this game, they simply grab the golf club without any idea where their hands should be placed. From that point on, faults begin to affect their golf swing. There are countless variations of the “bad” golf grip that the beginner comes up with and an equal number of swing Read more…

Golf Fundamentals: Assess Your Alignment

It‘s The Most Important Position Of Any Swing

Over the years, there has been so much written, photographed, and videoed about swing positions, swing movements, and other items that can improve your golf swing. But they all hinge on one among all core golf fundamentals: Nothing works unless you are properly aimed to your intended target. If you set out this year to improve Read more…

The True Golf Swing Revealed

It’s Really The Sum Of Two Swings

I believe that the true golf swing is much easier to learn than most people make it. Most golfers confuse and complicate the golf swing by getting stuck with what I call “do-this-do-that” information. They are always trying to “make” a move like “pulling the elbow into the right side” or “holding the angle then release Read more…

How To Play True Links Golf

Control Your Trajectory For Better Scoring
carr golf portmarnock links

Any golfer worth his salt dreams of trying his hand on a true links golf course. Turnberry, Kingsbarns, Royal Dornoch, even Carnoustie–they all present challenges that inland courses, protected from the elements, simply can’t muster. The soft fairways that prevent errant drives from running into the rough don’t exist. Spongy, well-watered greens that receive approaches of all kinds just aren’t there. It’s a whole different style of play that favors putting over pitching and low, authoritative punch shots over high, spinning floaters. Above all, links golf demands imagination.

The Iron Game: Compress To Impress

Draw The Line For Proper Contact

I have always felt that the golf swing is a chain reaction of events, and nowhere is that more evident than with the iron game. A good set up (Photo 1) leads to a proper takeaway, notice that my hands are well inside of the club head (Photo 2). From here all I need to Read more…

TGA Premier Golf Schools Expand Into Northeast

TGA Premier Golf is planting seeds for the future of golf and sweeping the nation impacting youth, schools, and families. The latest golf enrichment program has been launched in Southwest Fairfield County, Connecticut by former tennis professional, academy operator and current TGA Premier Tennis franchise owner Bernard Balagula. This latest launching represents the nineteenth franchise Read more…

The Six Rs Of Mental Game Success

Developing A Resilient Competitive IQ

Most of us are familiar with the old expression: “Golf is 90 percent mental, and the other 10 percent is in your head.” How true. While ingraining the fundamentals, learning the proper techniques and dedicating yourself to plenty of practice is vital to lowering scores, so is building a reliable mental approach to every swing and Read more…

How To Hit A Draw, Part 1

Get On The Grid To Find The ‘Right’ Flight

Golfers of all skill levels and experience regard the shot described by three familiar words — hit a draw — as the holy grail to master. The image of the ball leaving the face slightly to the right, getting up to its apex and making a small left hand turn as it moves closer and Read more…