Making Golf Goals That Are Realistic

A Realistic Look At Expectations For Kids (And Adults)
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Is my child good enough to play in tournaments?” That’s a very common question that I get on a weekly basis. I usually follow the parent’s question with one of my own: “What does your child want to do?” And that means making golf goals that are realistic for everyone. It is very important to Read more…

Spray Your Way To Tee Shot Power

This Quick Fix Will Set You Back Just Five Bucks

One of the biggest power leaks in a golf swing is not contacting the ball on the center of the club face.  A great way to gain tee shot power is to use foot spray during your practice session. Purchase a can of foot spray at your local pharmacy. Hold the can at least one Read more…

How To Smooth Out Rough Golf Lies

A Few Small Adjustments Will Get You Back On Short Grass
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The first objective off the tee is hitting the fairway, but even the pros miss their share of short grass. It’s then that their expertise at “reading” the resulting rough golf lies kicks in, and they find a way to a better spot … or, hopefully, the green. You can be an expert, too. Properly Read more…

The Six Best Lessons Barry Goldstein Knows

Tried-And-True Lessons To Improve Every Game

Subscribe today to Golf Tips magazine for the best instruction, reviews and much more delivered straight to you! There are certain things a golf teacher leans on through the years, no matter what student he or she is dealing with. They are bedrock, proven fundamentals that help everyone of every ability. After 25 years of teaching Read more…

Why Old School Golf Coaching Matters

Technology Is Great, But Nothing Beats Learning By Playing

Barry Goldstein and Tom Patri have a lot in common. They are both golf instructors, with more than 60 years of experience between them. They both reside in South Florida for much of the year — Goldstein on the Atlantic side, where he teaches at Inverrary Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, Patri on the Gulf Read more…

Balance Basics For Golfers

Use Simple Drills And BodiTrak For Better Swing and Stroke
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Ask any great athlete what one characteristic they all share and you’ll hear a lot of the same answers. But one general theme will emerge: Regardless of the sport, balance is the common thread. So, it’s time to look at balance basics for golfers. Balance is what allows us as human beings to walk erect Read more…

Divot And Pivot For Solid Golf Contact

solid golf contact divot opener

What is what I call “Divot And Pivot? In short, it’s the key to solid golf contact time after time. I can honestly say this one is “Original TP.” I tell all my students if I could give them two skills for Christmas, they would be the ability to compress/hit down on the golf ball Read more…

The ABCs of Great Putting

Three Keys To Success On The Green

If you look around the putting green at your local course on a Saturday morning you’ll see an unlimited number of different styles, preferences and philosophies when it comes to putting. Even on the PGA Tour you see a plethora of different grips, stances, and putter shapes. It makes you wonder if there is a Read more…

Fix Those Fat And Thin Golf Shots

A Quick And Simple Guide To Better Contact

Pure contact with the golf ball and turf is perhaps the best feeling a golfer can experience.  Unfortunately this experience is not what most golfer experience on a shot to shot or day to day basis.  The fat and thin golf shots have one thing in common, the bottom of the swing is too far Read more…

Pronghorn Golf Academy Unveiled In Oregon

Golf Tips Top 30 Instructor Jeff Ritter Leads New Program
pronghorn golf academy jeff ritter

World-renowned Pronghorn Resort has launched an innovative golf instruction program developed and led by award-winning golf instructor Jeff Ritter. The Pronghorn Golf Academy by Jeff Ritter integrates curriculum in skill development, mindset, fitness and nutrition to inspire and activate players of all levels. The Pronghorn Golf Academy will be supported by Golf Channel programming and marketing Read more…