Lisa Longball And The Power Game

How To Add Speed & Distance

Editor’s Note: Lisa Vlooswyk, affectionately known in golf circles as Lisa Longball, is a seven-time Canadian Long Drive Champion and ranked Top 5 in the World of Long Drive. Lisa competes at the World Long Drive Championships and will tee it up in September on the Golf Channel to vie for the World Title. A veteran Read more…

Slice Killers That Can’t Miss

Quick tips to help eliminate the dreaded banana ball once and for all

Ever wonder what causes a slice to curve? Either your hands don’t rotate enough and you hit the ball with an open face, or you have an out-to-inside swing path.

Putting With Imagination

How To See The Line And Commit To It

Great putting starts with a great imagination. Reading putts is an exercise of that imagination. The player must imagine the effect of the terrain upon the travel of the ball. You’ll See It When You Believe It is the title of one of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s many books. I suggest to students that they have to practice Read more…

The Keys To Easy Drives

Simple tips and drills for finding the fairway more often

The higher the handicap, the more pivotal the tee ball becomes. Driving the ball into water, rough, bunkers, trees and other hazards is what causes high-handicappers to rack up strokes. As players become more proficient, they develop skills to execute trouble shots and hit pitches from the rough and sand, putting less pressure on hitting fairways. It’s almost as if good players expect to miss every now and then, feeling confident in knowing that they have the tools to recover from an errant drive. High-handicappers, unfortunately, don’t have that luxury.

Beat The Fried Egg

Fried Egg Lie

When you desire a softer type of explosion shot out of the bunker from this normally hot lie, you need to employ an open clubface and relaxed hands. Make your angle of attack steeper by leaning your weight toward your front foot. This weight shift also accentuates the digging action of the clubhead, making soft hands and an open clubface that much more critical. Otherwise, the golf ball will come out with more velocity than desired.

Bringing Golf To The Vision Impaired

Kansas’ Envision Hosts Teaching, Tourney For The Blind

Golf is a sport that brings every physical and spatial sense into play, but it’s also one of mankind’s most inclusive athletic pursuits — you don’t have to be in prime physical condition or even have full use of every sense to excel at it. Take vision impaired people, for instance: They can learn to Read more…

Build Your Own Golf House

Why Your Swing Must Match Your Body Type

I met Kathy Welsch in 2010. Kathy is a Class A tour player who played on the LPGA Tour from 1974 to 1976; she’s is currently a Class A Teaching and Club Professional and Lifetime LPGA member. Kathy has an easy, balanced swing and she explained her thoughts to me during our golf game. She Read more…

Golf Wind: How To Read The Breeze

Does wind make a difference when you’re playing golf? Yes, golf wind matters, big time. Ask any of the top 93 players in the world after they played the first round of the Masters at Augusta National this year. Winds were sustained at 30 mph with gusts to 40. Only 11 players broke par and Read more…

The Yardstick Putting Drill

Stay On The Straight And Narrow With This Tip

Ask any good putter what separates him or her from the crowd, and they’ll most likely say, “My ability to bury the short ones, inside three feet, almost all the time.” Sure, crazy lipouts or spike marks happen, but if you really want to shave strokes off your card and be a master of the Read more…

Swing From The Ground Up!

Toss Your Bag To Feel The Right Weight Transfer

For golfer who wonder what the right “feel” is when you start the swing from the ground up, here is a great visual: Holding up my tour-sized golf bag, taking my stance, turning back, then moving through and transferring my weight as I toss the entire thing to one of my assistant pros! I normally Read more…