Tour Stars Talk Fear, Focus And Peak Golf Performance

Faith Figures Heavily In These Players’ Success

How does faith help your golf game?

golf performance zach johnson
Zach Johnson (Photo by Jennifer Perez/PGA TOUR)

Johnson: In my case, faith is the number one important priority in my life, it’s in everything on a golf course or off a golf course. The fact that the Bible can transcend anything and get inside the ropes, to me is phenomenal. I love the fact that there are many scriptures that speak about lessening of fears, lessening of worries, lessening of temporal things, and are more focused on eternal things. And for me, that’s the perspective I desire when I’m playing golf.

Cink: If I have something that distracts me and I hit it any way, it’s almost always because I’m putting the results in front of anything else that I really want to achieve. My life is not set up around making birdies or bogeys anymore, but it used to be.

I’m fostering my relationship with Jesus when I am playing golf. It’s also what I do at home, waking up in the morning with my wife and family. Yet putting results ahead of my faith is so easy to do — it’s tantalizing, it’s seducing, it is so easy to be drawn in to the results-oriented way, because that’s the way the world says.

Most of these guys on the tour are told we need to have results in order for our identity to be validated. And if you listened to that idea, it can be very challenging. I never even realized it was happening to me until a couple of years ago when I had this moment when a light bulb came on and I questioned myself, “what are you after?”

I was after birdies and bogeys and positioning, how I compare to the other guys out here, and money, and all that stuff. And I decided to shift my focus to my faith and it really translated for me on the golf course, completely freed me up to be closer to the person I want to be when I’m playing, instead of golf deciding what kind of person I am.

Perry: Well, I’ve always put Jesus first, and it’s been real easy for me. He’s in control of my life. So now if I just kind of leave it over to him, I’m still human. I still want to try to do it myself, but the more I relax, the more I let him take control, the easier it is for me on the course.

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